Woman Saved A Wounded Kitten From The Streets And Gave Her A Loving Home

When it comes to the most horrible circumstance, magic will definitely happen as long as you believe in it. Cats usually can’t talk but they can show how distressful and in need of help more than ever through their eyes. This poor white kitty had poorly looking because of the wounds and infections attacked all over her body, was luckily found in the backyard of Malaysia by the most amazing human. Nur Hamizah Had found this little kitten wandering around her home. The kitten was wounded, infected, and really dirty
Nur Hamizah Had is a Malaysian girl who loves animals, of course including cats. Who doesn’t love cats? She found a wounded kitten underneath her car so she decided to fight for a poor soul’s life. Nur said she looked really bad: infections, fungus, wounds, and many more issues. Her leg was terribly damaged and no one could think of a better situation for a kitty.
Nur coaxed her into a box and brought the kitten inside the house
Instead of disgusting the cat’s stinky outlook, Nur Hamizah Had turned her into a Snow White princess. The woman took the cat to the box and brought her to the vet for recovery. Nur also shared that when she met Meimei (the name that Nur gave to the cat), the kitten seemed to beg for a hand to help her out of the direness more than being frightened. The cat was found malnourished as well: she weighed only 2kg. Nur said that if Meimei survived, it would be a sign for her to love and care for Meimei for the rest of her life.
After taking the kitten, now named Meimei, to the vets, Nur found out everything she needed to know about the recovery process
Good things take time they say, and it was true for Meimei. It took nearly half of a year for Meimei to get back to her old self. After 1 year with Nur’s love, care, and kindness, Meimei is unrecognizable: snow-white fur, confident look with her full of fluff! She also weighs 6kg now which is a good signal of a healthy cat. Nur exposed Meimei as a loving and sweet kitty who likes to snuggle the family members but still be a bit afraid of strangers.

It took 5 months for Meimei to recover into the beautiful cat she is today

Meimei’s snow-white fur grew back and her health is amazing
Meimei is now a loved and spoiled house cat with all the care she needs
Nur Hamizah Had and Meimei are very happy and grateful they found each other
The amazing benignity of Nur shows that we should help stray cats because they deserve to be loved like how we desire to be. Nur shared that she loves to help animals on the street and there is no second thought about rescuing them.

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