Woman Found An Abandoned Cat Stuck In A Carrier In A Ditch Before A Snowstorm

Rescuing animals is a fulfilling moment. Helping them find their forever homes and forever family might be the ultimate goof thing you could do for them.

Although, looking for volunteers to adopt and rehoming comes with its own struggles. You’ve got to consider screening people and even then it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll give their pet the life that they deserve.

And they do deserve the world. Most of the pets that are being rehomed are there because they’ve been abandoned or had a cruel life without food and shelter.

So, it does rile up people, especially rescuers when an animal is tossed away without consideration of how will they be affected. A story about an abandoned cat that was trapped in a carrier circled online and it sparked up that very reaction.

In Wolcott, Connecticut a snowstorm was about to happen when a woman saw something odd on the side of the ditch. It happened to be a little ginger cat zipped up in a carrier with no food or water to survive.

The woman stumbled upon it luckily while walking leisurely before the weather turned surly because of the storm. It baffled her that someone would even think to leave a cat like that when people already knew of the possible snowstorm.

This is a close up of the cat who was trapped before it was rescued

Once the woman found this kitten, she had Wolcott Dog Pound take the cat into care. This would ensure that they could check on the cat’s well-being and at the same time keep it for the meantime from being cold and hungry.

The carrier is a standout among the mulch but not too much that the cat would be immediately noticed.

People could have very well walked along as well and never noticed the carrier. When Wolcott Dog Pound got a hold of the cat, they took to Facebook to remind people that abandoning animals like this is the worst way to ‘rehome’ a pet.

Wolcott Dog Pound provided details about the cat’s abandonment and at the same time, asked people if they knew anything about the person who did it.

The kitten thankfully was unharmed when they got a hold of them.

A non-profit organization of animal law advocates has raised awareness about this issue and offered $1000 to anyone who could provide information about how the kitten ended up in the ditch. Like the Wolcott Dog Pound, they are also keen on finding out who’s to be held accountable for it

There was an overwhelming responses for adopting this cat and there’s a bright chance that they would end up in their forever home.

There were multiple factors that could’ve led to the demise of this cat, mainly starvation and freezing in the snowstorm. And although this cat started on the path of abandonment, they have luckily stirred away from that and ended up with numerous people wanting the cat to be part of their homes.

This really shows the length of kindness to animals can bring. This woman’s compassion along with the Wolcott’s Dog Pound and Desmond’s Army’s actions have saved another innocent life.


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