Wildlife Photographer captures stunning lionesses with 8 cubs

Imagine taking family portraits! Isn’t it always trouble? Especially if you have eight children you will be in a huge mess.

But look at these naturally lined-up picture-perfect shots. These stunning pictures of the pride of three female lionesses along with their eight cubs have been captured in the Serengeti Loliondo Conservation in Tanzania.

The park is home to those spectacular lions. It stretches around 12,000 square miles. The meaning of Serengeti is Endless plains, and it comes from the Maasai language.

These lifetime worth shots were captured by Barbara Fleming and she was lucky enough to manage the camera to shoot with all eight cubs staring directly into the lens.

Since the 1960s, the population of lions in the world, dropped by 70 percent. This numerical drop is largely blamed on habitat loss and encroachment by humans in the wild.
Enjoy the stunning family portraits!

1. Everyone is inside the frame!

2. Wait wait! I am coming!

3. Be quick kids!

4. Let me rest for a moment.

5. The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai language and means ‘Endless Plains’.

6. I will look away, take a random shot.

7. Two big yawning!


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