When This Man Picked Up The Pup In A Diaper From A Ditch Where She Was Rotting, She Was Saved

A rescue organization received a call about a dog lying in a ditch. The caller said they had to rush over and they did! They could see she was lethargic and scared. One of the rescuers took a blanket and wrapped it around her. When he lifted her from the ditch, they could see the extent of her injuries. They couldn’t even imagine the amount of pain she was in!

The small dog’s legs were broken and badly wounded. Her wounds were also decomposing. The smell of rot overwhelmed their noses. Now it was time to get her to the animal hospital, and fast! The vet said he could save her life if he performed emergency surgery. The downside was that he could not restore the use of her legs.

The dog’s rescuers name her Cookie. As she ate her first real meal in so long, you could see she was beyond excited. It’s so heartwrenching to think how long it had been since she was cared for properly. No dog deserves to suffer like this!

Despite being through such horrific things, Cookie is a happy dog who loves people. She has a big, forgiving heart. While she continued to heal at the vet clinic, her rescuers were contacted by a nice family. They wanted to adopt Cookie. They even agreed to work with her to build up her strength.

Cookie’s new family is so in love with her. They don’t mind that she has to wear a diaper and that she can’t walk. They know she’s worth all the effort and more.

At the end of the rescue video, you get to see Cookie in her new home, living her best life. This is the happy ending we wish for all animals! Thank you to her kind rescuers, the vet staff, and her new loving family!




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