Twin Kittens Found On A Farm Share Every Second Of Their Existence

Four kittens were in distress when Chatons Orphelins Montréal (an animal rights organization located in Montreal, Canada) got a call earlier this year. They were discovered in bad condition after being born from a farm cat.

Marie and Nadia, two local activists, drove them to a secure location. They delivered the kittens to animal rights activists who could care for them and give medical care. From the outset, two of the four furries, black and white, were remarkably similar to each other and very close.

The kittens were less than five weeks old and were quite thin. They were freed a few days later and placed in a foster household, where they were surrounded by affection.

CREDIT: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Four immediately gained control of their personas and began to exhibit them clearly. It didn’t take long for the foster parents to recognize the two black and white girls’ tight sisterly closeness.

They stayed together all the time, emulated each other, and exchanged energy. If they were separated, one started looking for the other.

Not only do they share the same appearance, but they also have similar personalities.

CREDIT: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

“Brioche has longer hair than her twin sister Chuckett. Chukett is an experienced climber, she loves cat climbing frames,” says Celine.

“Brioche (with long ear tufts) is the most affectionate of all, loves to sleep on our necks. Her sister is no less cute.”

CREDIT: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

When the twins seek their people’s attention, they begin meowing in unison. If one cat goes on a cat tree, the other follows suit.

In every scenario, the pair accomplishes everything together and remains cordial. They only want to be among people or other animals if they can be with each other.

CREDIT: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Girls love to mirror each other during the game. Chuckett always climbs the climbing frame and encourages her sister to do the same.

They have identical coloration and charming black chins.

CREDIT: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Their brother and sister quickly found a nice home for two, leaving our twins to wait for the family of their dreams.

And so, at the beginning of this week, the rescuers received the long-awaited news. Some people have fallen in love with Brioche and Chuckette and will come tomorrow to take the kittens home.

Having gone through a difficult early childhood, these girls have turned into healthy, happy and young ladies.

Twin sisters will always stay together, but now in their own home.


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