Tragic past made the dog depressed and had to leave the old house

The drama of abandonment and helplessness we wish on no one. But even worse for those beings full of innocence and kindness like dogs.

They who have done nothing to deserve such indolence and cruelty from humans.

Walt is a 1-year-old puppy who is the strongest example that everyone therefore deserves a second chance at life.

When he fell into the hands of his current owner, Kelly Fitzsimons, after being rescued by the Irish animal organization, Wicklow Animal Welfare , he was in a truly painful emotional state.

Puppies like Walt definitely don’t need to have suffered so much. It really breaks our hearts to see that although caring humans like Kelly open the doors of their home to them, their psychological recovery still has a long way to go.

When this collapsed and destroyed puppy was placed in the car to take him to his new home, his little face spoke for itself of the profound ordeal he had lived through and that continued to haunt him completely.

He was terribly frightened and devastated.

Walt looked incredibly sad, terrified and heartless on that journey to his salvation. And although Kelly hoped the puppy would change his face soon, it wasn’t easy.

The thing about him is that he had never experienced what a touch means, much less a house to call home.

However, with a lot of patience and especially a great deal of love, a month later Kelly began to see a real miracle. And she didn’t hesitate to record the process to share it in a TikTok video.

Understandably, within a few hours it went viral, reaching almost 2 million views.

Now everyone says hello to Walt. We adopted him just under a month ago. Disappointed with humans, he arrived so broken and scared, he still is, but he has gained our trust in the last 4 weeks and is such a happy puppy here with us”, Kelly wrote on Instagram.

We still have a long way to go with him, but he is an absolute sweetheart. You can almost feel his appreciation for us, and we love him”, said Gregó.

“From much fear, not knowing what a warm home is, not knowing human love, sitting staring at the wall for hours, he went on to wag his tail, trust humans, find comfort and a best friend. Welcome home, Walt”, you can read on the video boards that thrill millions.

The help of another rescued puppy at home was crucial for Walt to begin to gain confidence in humans.

Now his owner cannot believe that he has learned to respond to commands, and he is the most loving and intelligent thing there is.

Walt can’t believe that you can be so happy next to a human.

He’s experiencing everything he has always deserved since he was a puppy and really savors happiness.

Don’t leave without sharing this beautiful story with a happy ending to spread the wonder of second chances. Walt got more than he deserved.


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