Town in Germany Forces Cats To Stay Indoors

Authorities in Walldorf, a town in the southwest German have ordered some cat parents to keep their felines indoors until the end of August, to protect a rare bird during its breeding season.

The decree is designed to help save the crested lark, which makes its nest on the ground and is therefore easy prey for feline hunters. The bird’s population in Western Europe has declined sharply in recent decades.

“Among other things the survival of the species depends on every single chick.” Authorities in Walldorf wrote


The decree, applied to all cats in the southern part of Walldorf and will be repeated for the next three years. This has reportedly prompted meows of anguish from pet owners.

Regional daily Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reported Wednesday that the head of the local animal protection association plans to take legal steps to challenge the decree.

“Please remain calm,” it quoted him as saying. “I can assure you we’ll do our best to stop this disproportionate measure.”



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