The Way This Polish Academic Reacts When Cat Interrupts His Serious Interview Amuses The Internet

Dear cat lovers, we all know that whenever we want to cuddle them they would push us away by their adorable toe beans, and when we don’t want to be bothered because of work, they awkwardly appear. It has happened all around the world, no matter who are you, even when you are filming a serious TV interview.

3 years ago, Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a Polish academic who was speaking on a Dutch affairs show on NTR about Poland’s Supreme Court judge. He was extremely focused on the main points during the interview, there was a limelight stealer appeared. A cat named Lisio started to perch on his owner’s shoulder, then crawled up to the head, and groomed his ears.

You might say well that’s normal, there are a lot of videos about cats interrupting people like a German weatherman’s kitty or a Priest’s black feline. This video showed how calm Lisio’s human was when he kept holding the cat’s tail twice when he spoke without any annoyance. The footage was too precious and hilarious to be cut off, so the journalist Rudy Bouma gave the world a big laugh when he posted on Twitter.

3 years ago, Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a Polish academic was speaking on a Dutch current affairs show about Poland’s Supreme Court crisis

But then his cat tried to ‘ruin’ the interview by jumping on his head


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