The Orphaned Kittens Thought The Bearded Veterinarian Was Their Mother Because He Was Sympathetic To Them

They were discovered in the middle of the street, alongside the lifeless remains of four more of the brood’s newborns. “Apparently, they perished the night before after a violent rainstorm. The surviving kittens were just two weeks old, according to veterinarian Gil Nunez.

“They were malnourished, thin, and had watery eyes and a runny nose when they arrived at the hospital.” They were also dripping wet and shaking.”

Gil offered to care for new patients. He filled the bottle with milk replacer and practiced being a good father as much as possible. The kittens began to gorge themselves.

“Moments like these make me very pleased because I help people. These kitties aren’t going anywhere.

The orphans have names: Donatella, Gianni and Santo.

Gil spent the first night inseparably with the kittens, feeding them and warming them on his chest. This has borne fruit – energy began to appear in fragile bodies.

Unfortunately, respiratory disorders developed. Two infants were admitted to the intensive care unit.

Gianni died after five days of therapy, despite physicians’ best attempts. “Donatella, the sole girl, was able to improve. Santo, the tiniest, proved to be the strongest,” Gil explains.

“They respond to my voice even if I am in another room. They love to sleep on my chest and hide their little heads under my chin.”

Despite the wild lack of sleep, Gil never violated the feeding schedule. He knew that the helpless fur balls were counting on his support and wanted to live.

“I was damn tired, but I managed to fall in love with these babies,” adds the veterinarian.

“I brought them to work so I could feed and play with them in-between visits,” said the owner.

The kittens were successfully acclimatized to “adult” food by the dad. But they still squeal when they see the prized nutritious formula bottle.

“It’s time to get them ready for adoption, even though it’s difficult for me to imagine parting with them.” Santo enjoys looking into my eyes while playing with my beard in preparation for the upcoming dream. “Gil is touched,” Donatella meows, and I hold her in my arms and stroke her stomach.

“Whenever I watch them playing and racing around the room, it brings me great joy.” I worked really hard to preserve them, and now they are happy – it’s a wonderful feeling.”


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