Shop Owner Installs A Glass Ceiling For His Cats And Now They Won’t Stop Staring At Him

Cats are insatiably curious, and while being constantly watched might occasionally seem unsettling, it is also kind of comforting to know that at least one person considers your life to be completely interesting.

The owner of this store has fully embraced his cats’ sly tendencies and incorporated a unique element to his establishment to offer their cats the finest espionage experience imaginable.

Twitter user SCMcrocodile posted photos of the store, where his friend sells stamps and local specialties, and they quickly went viral.

“My friend modified the attic of his shop to accommodate his cats. Now he is under constant observation,” SCMcrocodile wrote on Twitter.

Customers could hear the cats playing through the ceiling after the animals managed to travel between the first and second floors, according to Yahoo News.

The new arrangement has benefited the cats and the customers equally since the cats get a bird’s-eye view of their father all day and the clients get to admire their round bellies.

When the shop owner gets home from work, his three cats don’t mind showing him exactly how they feel. And if their dad doesn’t stick to a set feeding schedule, the felines trash the house.

“What happens when the cats aren’t fed on time,” SCMcrocodile wrote in a later tweet.

The cute kittens may cause trouble at home, but they have drawn so much attention to the small business that they deserve a promotion.


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