Rescue Cat Can’t Stop Hugging The Woman Who Adopted Him

What’s more dire and heartbreaking than seeing the naive cats being ignored and abandoned in the middle of nowhere? If we were cats in reverse, we would feel the way they felt, except they couldn’t talk, like human being. Hold on, the story below is gonna light up your heart right away! Thanks to Renee Pelton the compassionate nurse and Michigan Cat Rescue team, we don’t have to feel the same and get the idea of a better hope for those poor little kittens. So what’s behind of the story? Wanna give Cookie Pie and Custard Pie a home for the rest of their days? Visit Michigan Cat Rescuethe to find out how. In case you would like to help Michigan Cat Rescue, don’t hesitate to contact the team for making donations or even giving other cats a home! There were a 7-month old cat named Honeycake and two other siblings Cookie Pie and Custard Pie, whose former owner put them inside a garbage bag and tossed them out of a moving car. By the tongue of their teeth, someone picked them up, took them to the shelter and gave them to Michigan Cat Rescue. And with all the efforts of Michigan Cat Rescue, it was paid off.
It was not until Renee Pelton, who was a nurse, saw Honeycake’s video on Facebook: “I went on Facebook and saw this video of Honeycake from the Michigan Cat Rescue and at that moment I said, ‘I want that cat’.” – According to Dodo’s interview with Pelton. Love at first sight seemed to happen when Pelton came and picked up Honeycake, this boy couldn’t stop hugging and licking her face like she was his one and only bestfriend in this world. The woman’s grace and benevolence were accepted by a seemingly broken-hearted Honeycake. They saw eye to eye with a fresh name as a restart button of his life – Finnegan. “He likes to give kisses, loves hugs, loves to be held like a baby,” Pelton says. “I’ve never had a cat like him.”
Nothing can beat the lovable bond between human and cats, as long as it’s the right time and the right person. Finnegan was not mentally hurtful anymore, he smothered his new mother with kisses and hugs, indicated he really felt what was happening.
But time and health problem didn’t stop chasing him. This little precious cat had a heart murmur trouble when Pelton took him to a physical, which means Finnegan couldn’t have a proper nine-live like other kitties and he had to fight with the death everyday to obtain only 10 years for living.
Same condition with Finnegan, Cookie Pie and Custard Pie also need a home together. They longed for a better well-deserved life with the open heart parents but the expenses for helping their health problem costed an arm and a leg. “I broke out in tears when they told me it was going to cost $700,” the group’s founder, Nancy Hutchinson, tells The Dodo. “Its $350 for each cat for a consult and cardiac ultrasound.” “We have to have them properly diagnosed to see if they have the same issue or not because it can be genetic.”
As the result, Finnegan and Pelton had a good life in 2 years until 2019, this whiskers angel earned his wings to heaven. He and the team tried their best to fight against kidney failure and he decided to have a long rest, like a reward of the strongest warrior.
The Michigan Cat Rescue team got nothing to do but gave him a lot of prayers, wished him godspeed and always be a beautiful furry lovebug like the way he was. Perhaps his innocent self is belong to an eternity home which is the best and sweetest home.

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