Rarely Seal Lynx Marbled Bengal Male Kitten Blue Eyes (VIDEO)

He is absolutely gorgeous. And letting you know he wants to go back inside where it’s safe. What a handsome fellow. And I bet he is saying, “Okay, I’ve posed for your video, where are the babes?”. Most kittens don’t like to be held up in the air like that. That sweet baby looks just plain scared. What was that woman thinking?.

Who is this??…That kitten is so beautiful. He looks exactly like these twins we had once. Blue eyes, feint stripes, brown tail and all! He was born from a Siamese dad cross with one of our tabby girls. Our cat who looks exactly like him has a Siamese dad named Tim Tam and these little kittens in the litter looked Siamese like this one in the video except the other was darker. We called them Timmy and Tammy even though they were both boys. And they smelled like burning fur from sugar cane as well. (Their dad survived being burnt in a cane fire before they were born). All the way back in the 90’s.


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