Puppy walks 3 kilometers a day to visit the grave of his beloved caretaker

Parting with a friend is a very hard thing. A puppy followed to the grave who was his life partner, death snatched him after a happy past together. The day Leonardo died, the entire sky of a city in Italy went dark for Fulmine.

The puppy madly loved his human dad Leonardo

For 7 years of pleasant memories, this sweet and noble little animal accompanied his best human friend. So why shouldn’t he also do it at the grave of his beloved Leonardo? He was restless and very sad.

Distraught and lost in the shadows of the uncertainty of not knowing what had happened, the puppy set out to embark on an unknown path . Everything in the dog’s life was uncertain. His heart was broken.

One clear morning, visiting Leonardo in the cemetery, the family of the deceased found the puppy lying motionless next to the grave . What was the journey of grief for him until he got to say his last goodbye to his friend, is still an enigma.

The truth is that this adorable best friend and faithful companion, even beyond death, had never previously dug that honorable and silent graveyard. He traveled more than three kilometers, just to get there .

However, without knowing how, the little dog managed to say goodbye to his beloved caretaker , showing us once again what true love is all about. A scene that reveals the bond of friendship between a person and his beloved pet.

Leonardo was his best friend

The story was picked up and spread by various media outlets from all over the world. Really, it is a story full of love and commitment that we appreciate, since it reminds us that loyalty is something invaluable .

In Italy, a puppy teaches us that the commitment to care for his master goes beyond even death itself,” journalist Sara Sechi reported through one of the news tabloids.

It was a very painful event for this kind and loving furry . His life with Leonardo was simply spectacular. Fulmine had become a true sponge that absorbed his father’s moods.

Nor was there a place in their city where they did not go together. Without Fulmine, Leonardo did not exist, now, without Leonardo, sadness began to sink the little dog . The poor animal felt himself falling into an abyss of desolation with no way out.

And it is that, sadly, suddenly Leonardo became ill . He began to suffer from an ailment that kept him fighting like a brave man. However, he failed to progress in the hospital.

He fell ill and unfortunately could not recover

Whenever Leonardo’s old vehicle arrived, the puppy, who was able to reach the grave of his best friend, came out to greet him. Perhaps, in his halo of innocence, Fulmine harbored hope in the resurrection .

I was hoping to see him smile again

Mourning took over the canine and his eyes faded when he saw that Leonardo would never hug him again. He resigned himself to the fact that he would never return. If only there had been a way to tell him, but obviously it was impossible to do so

Every time the car came home, Fulmine would run to see if it was Leonardo , as well as if the doorbell would ring. Seeing him in that state was a great pain for everyone in the family, “said the daughter of the deceased.

Since that fateful day for Fulmine, the puppy goes out without fail every day to travel those three long kilometers to the cemetery . He arrives and tenderly snuggles up next to the place where the remains of whoever was his partner rest

Once the night sky covers the Italian city with its blanket, the incredible puppy leaves the grave and starts his way back home. It is evident that he has not yet managed to erase the pain that he feels in his soul and in his being, far from his dear dad Leonardo.

We have all experienced a duel and we know that overcoming it takes an indefinite time. However, the one in our history is unique. It is the demonstration that true love does not end, not even after life itself.



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