Pakistani Pet Lioness gives birth to Five cubs (Video Inside)

These lions need to be in an open field and have a much larger enclosure, a sanctuary, where they can roam free. And now with these cubs? It should be even bigger. The area these Lions have to live isn’t enough for a pet dog let alone a huge lion and a lioness with cubs you should be a shamed of yourself. They need to be free it’s very sickening to see them locked in such a small enclosure. They need a good few acres fenced in to roam around. You should be ashamed of your self.

Appalling conditions, let her feet feel real grass and give her a lot more space to roam. It is such a sad picture, living in captivity for the perverse pleasure to watch caged animals. As a kid I went to a circus, that horrible feeling stayed with me my whole life. ZOOs same thing, apathy and sadness in the animal’s eyes. They deserve to live in nature, roaming free and we must protect them.


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