Owner Of A Cat That Nearly Died Explains Why It’s Terribly Dangerous To Own A Salt Lamp If You Have Pets

Even people without pets are aware that chocolate is harmful to dogs, but there are some other pet risks that are far less well recognized. Pet owners are aware that certain household objects could be destroyed or be unsafe around their animals, much as expectant parents must baby-proof a home.

After one woman recounted the tragic account of her cat’s near-death experience, pet owners should add Himalayan salt lamps to the list of goods to avoid. Pink rocks are popular as trendy decorations in which people may put candles and lightbulbs, however they can be dangerous to cats. Maddie Smith, a cat owner from New Zealand, detailed the effects in a Facebook post that has subsequently been shared by veterinarians; scroll down to learn more.

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Vets have warned cat-owners against purchasing Himalayan salt lamps – after one woman’s pet almost died

Smith had awoken to discover Ruby, her cat, ‘walking pretty weirdly’ and acting strangely. They assumed she was just cold at first, so they wrapped her in blankets before departing for their days. When they arrived home, they discovered that Ruby’s condition had not only not improved, but had really worsened.

Other pet owners were thankful to the woman for sharing her experience



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