Dog walks nearly 4 miles every night to get food fot her extended family

Meet Lilica, a road dog that was abandoned in front of a junkyard in one of So Paulo’s slums. Lots of homeless humans and animals live here, including dogs, cats, and hens, every one of whom are participated in their poverty and doing their finest to aid one another.



Lilica, despite being a stray dog, is a shining example of love and charity. A homeless dog’s existence is never ever easy, but she always makes sure that her children and friends are fed.

Each night, she walks 4 miles through dark and harmful roads to the house of animal lover Lucia Helena De Souza, who provides her with a food bag.


She then returns to the junkyard to feed the rest of her ‘household,’ that includes a canine, a cat, many chickens, and a mule, every one of which have thankful hearts.


Animal enthusiast Lucia initially encountered Lilica three years earlier as the canine was foraging for food near her home. Lucia fed the dog, and she returned every night to get her ration. They established a regular routine in which Lucia would certainly cook an extra batch for Lilica and they would certainly fulfill at 9 p.m. to enjoy hugs, cuddles, and a warm supper.



One night, she noticed Lilica looking at the bag of food instead of eating it. After Lucia closed the plastic bag, Lilica took it and walked away customarily. Lucia followed the dog and learned something remarkable: Lilica shared food with her family also when she was hungry.



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