Onlookers Panicking When Tiny Wiener Dog Gets Too Close To A Massive 500lb Lion

The Dachshund’s name is Milo. His littermates were small puppies when they met Bonedigger. The tiger is named Bonedigger.

Bonedigger was an exactly four week old cub. The doggies thought that he was an oversized puppy and began to play with him, writes

The cubs soon discovered that Bonedigger was lame due to a metabolic bone disease. They took pity on him and made sure he always felt safe. But Milo did everything he could to protect his lion friend. Over the years, Milo and Bonedigger became best friends. They lived together at Garold Wayne’s exotic zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, surrounded by hardworking keepers who tended to their every need.

Over time, many viewers became concerned about Milo and his brothers. Everybody thought that Bonedigger’s predacious instincts would set in and that he would try to injure the little dogs.

Bonedigger has defied all negative assumptions and has proven that he will always be a friendly presence for the dachshund family. Today, the mixed family is often seen eating, going out or playing together. Bonedigger is happy to let his canine companions sleep on him whenever they want. Milo loves to play the personal dentist for the lion instead he just likes to give him lovely kisses and to cuddle with him.

According to shelter staff, Bonedigger gets very excited when one of the dachshunds in his yard goes missing. Now older and stronger, Bonedigger passionately cares for his little family of dogs and protects them from harm. This rare friendship proves that the animal kingdom is full of pure souls!


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