Old cat who lost his ears has a mother who thinks he’s perfect

Otitis spent the most of his life as a conventional house cat with the same family, until he acquired cysts in his ears. Otitis was in a lot of discomfort because of the cysts, and his family couldn’t afford the procedure to have his ears removed, so they had to give him up.

They sent Otitis to the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore, where volunteers raised enough money for his operation. Otitis spent time with a foster home while he waited for his ears to be removed, and then again while he was healing, and they were shocked at what a different cat he became after he was no longer in pain.

“His foster family informed me that he was in so much agony with his cysts that he never played and moved as little as possible,” Otitis’s adoptive mom, Molly Lichtenwalner, told The Dodo. “Now he’s always running around, playing, and loving life, so much happier without his ears.”

Lichtenwalner knew that when she finally got her own pet, he or she would be an animal that required a little more love and attention. She grew up with a deaf sheepdog and knows firsthand how lovely it is to have a special needs pet.

“When I first saw Otitis, I knew he was the cat for me,” Lichtenwalner remarked. “He was an elderly, special-needs cat who I knew needed the home and affection that I was confident I could provide. I subsequently discovered that while many people asked about him, no one had applied for him – I was the first.”

Otitis is now deaf as a result of his ear removal, but this hasn’t slowed him down at all. The 10-year-old cat is as loving and lively as ever, especially now that he is content and pain-free in his new home.

“He has a really snarky yet loving attitude,” stated Lichtenwalner. “He enjoys playing, but he also enjoys snuggling up in bed, lying on your chest, and purring all night. He is completely smitten with individuals.”

this made his mother adore him even more.

Otitis’ absence of ears isn’t the only characteristic that distinguishes him. Otitis is an extraordinarily sensitive cat as a result of everything he’s gone through, and he can always tell when his mum is depressed or going through a difficult time.“I woke up one night from a nightmare, and Otitis was lying on my pillow,” Lichtenwalner explained. “My heart was racing, and Otitis could see I wasn’t feeling well. He slid off the pillow and onto my chest, where he dozed until my heartbeat returned to normal, before crawling back to his pillow. It’s astonishing how sensitive he is to my emotions.”

Otitis enjoys being at his mother’s side to comfort her, and he is always willing to assist her in any way he can, just like she did for him by giving him a second opportunity.

“By far he the nicest thing that has ever occurred to me,” Lichtenwalner stated.


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