No One Wants To Adopt This ‘Ugly’ Cat Until A Women Sees Her Unusual Looking Photos

In the past, the concubines would be more loved and valued if they were beautiful. The same still happens in this modern life. We are chasing outward beauty like renowned celebrities or media influencers. What we tend to overlook is the inner beauty that exists in every single living creature. Beautiful flowers can be withered in a day, but the old sequoia can outlast forever. When it comes to choosing pets, people love to cuddle a fluffy furry companion rather than an unusual and sick one. That is one of the reasons why many shelters are born today. One German woman has a comment about this dire situation that happening in the shelter: “Supporting your local shelter and adopting a cat is giving a second chance to a neglected animal. They’ve probably gone through a lot and may not be able to show how thankful they are right away, but believe me, you can be the best thing that happens to a shelter/rescue cat.” Her name is Francisca Franken, a kind woman who adopted a cat named Bean with a sad face after being ignored for a long time in the shelter. So how did it go? Let’s dive into the insights of the story below! Meet Bean, the most unwanted cat in the local shelter because of her ‘ugly’ look
A long time ago, Franken went online and she was surfing the cat website. All of a sudden, she saw a cat whose appearance was so bizarre. She learned that the feline was in the shelter for more than a year. Sadly, no one came to pet her, even with a glance. She was told ‘grumpy’ and ‘ugly’, which are harsh words that can truly let someone down… However, one lovely woman found Bean cuddly and unique, so she came to the shelter and adopted the cat
However, Franken found the inmost beauty of this unwanted kitty. She adored the cat too much, so she decided to adopt her right away. She never wanted Bean’s life to end up with being at the shelter forever. Fortunately, Bean’s human mom just moved into a bigger apartment, so that she could have a pet. “I lived one year without a cat and then moved to a bigger flat with a balcony so I could adopt a cat. I wasn’t planning on getting one right away, because it’s always a commitment. Well, that was until I saw Bean’s picture while browsing my local shelter’s website one night.” – Franken said. Who would have thought this little Bean had the most beautiful soul?
It turns out that she used to live with a rural cat named Joker. Due to the small condo, the woman couldn’t bring her kitty along. Even though she loved her Joker so bad, the situation just couldn’t change at all. Bean came to her life was like a blessing, and she knew she have to adopt this precious kitty.
Knowing that the shelter needed a dedicated parent who could provide the best for their pets, Franken spent her time writing the most detailed information in the adoption form so that the staff could notice her deep love for Bean. She also boasted about her potential kid with her friends. “I couldn’t sleep all night because I was so nervous and sent her picture to all my friends. She was described as a feisty little diva, who had some health problems due to being an exotic shorthair. One lovely friend of mine said, ‘well, (she is) exotic indeed’ and that stuck with me forever.” – Bean’s owner said.

Before seeing Bean, the woman was so nervous yet excited

The day after, one of the staff called Franken to reconfirm if she really wanted to adopt Bean the cat. The woman emphasized the chance that Bean got adopted was little to zero over and over again. But you know, Franken desired to get her home anyway. Bean was actually a stray cat. Franken acknowledged it from the staff of the shelter. In the nick of time, the feline was lucky enough to be rescued. “Bean was found in a trailer park and had a horrible eye infection, struvite stones, and a beginning blockage. She was neither neutered, chipped/marked, nor had she ever been medically treated. They got her at really the last second to save her life.” – The woman mentioned. But everything became touching when she saw little Bean in front of her
On January 8, 2021, Franken came to see Bean in person, and the most heartwarming scenario happened in the shelter. The woman approached the stubby kitty with tears because she was so thrilled! She finally met her one-of-a-kind feline that no one wanted to bring home. And yes, Bean deserved to have the best life!
“I’ve had cats the majority of my life, but she’s quite special. Sometimes I think she’s a little extraterrestrial pretending to be a cat. She doesn’t like chicken or cat milk or tuna, but she goes wild over olives, pudding cup lids, and nuts, but just licking them. No worries, I won’t let her eat them. Just the olives.” – Franken shared. “She loves screaming at the Amazon delivery driver (but only him, no other postal services) and is interested in insects, but couldn’t bother less about mice in the garden. Someone needs to tell her how to be a cat.” – The woman exposed her sassy diva-like cattitude.
Having Bean at home is one of the best decisions that Franken has ever made. She fights for her little ball of purr no matter what. And when asked about choosing between adopting and shopping for a pet, she didn’t favor any party but she explained more about the advancement of the veterinary industry. Also, she showed us that kindness is worthier than judgment.
“Apart from a lot of horrible stuff that is going on in some parts of the breeding market and the fact that in a lot of shelters, unwanted pets are still put down and killed, there are so many pets that don’t have homes and a lot of them had a tough life before, so they deserve all the love and cuddles they can get in a loving home.” – Bean’s mom shared.
“It can be a challenge to adopt a pet with medical problems, but veterinary health care has developed so much and these pets have already gone through so much—they deserve a loving home. A lot of people said Bean was ugly, but I think she’s perfect and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” – She continued.
Now, the family couldn’t be happier! Bean looks so cute and unique, and that is what her proud mom loves about the feline. Franken also shares that she would have more kitties in the future so that Bean won’t be alone when she is away. So, let’s hope for the brightest future ahead right meow!

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