Meet Twin White Beautiful Maine Coon Cat (VIDEO)

My Maine Coon was very smart (he flushed the toilet & opened the shutters) & hung out with me all day. He was in love with our pit bull & they were besties, too. He snuggled, of course, but was afraid of other people & hid. (He was feral for his 1st 6 months.) His only flaw was he gave me love bites, which scratched up my arms.

They’re also easily trainable!! Mine functions as a therapy cat for me, and he knows his healthy limits. He’s wonderful. My Maine coon is just over a year old and the best thing about him is when he gets the zoomies! Unlike my other cats, he sounds like an elephant running through the house….you definitely know when he’s coming! He also loves to play fetch and brings me his toys so I can throw them.



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