Meet The ‘Nurse-Cat’ Who Looks After Sick And Injured Animals

Rademenes, the charming black cat, opted to dedicate his life to helping others after avoiding probable death.

Rademenes was sent to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, to be euthanized because to a serious respiratory ailment. Rademenes survived and became stronger with each passing day, despite the doctor’s diagnosis.

Now that he has recovered completely, the cat travels around the shelter, comforting his less fortunate compatriots who are still in pain.

He’s frequently spotted licking his kittens who are unable to lick themselves.

Credit: tvn24

He’s often the first one to come and cuddle with new animals that are brought into the shelter.

Credit: tvn24

He takes special care of patients who are recovering from surgery.

Credit: tvn24

Rademenes look after all of the patients in the shelter, regardless of gender or species.

Credit: tvn24

The animals at the shelter are lucky to have Rademenes to support them.

Credit: tvn24


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