MEET Queen ‘BOO’ The Biggest Rarely Tortie Maine Coon Cat (VIDEO)

What a beautiful queen. She has quite unusual markings, too, in that I can’t recall ever having seen a torte with a grey mustache before. You’re so fortunate to have so many amazing cats. There is such a uniqueness about her. I just love her paws and tail and everything in between especially those eyes.

Your huge family of felines gives many of us a chance to reminisce about a beloved cat. Boo, princess so similar to my 1st girl. A thing of beauty. Soft paws and whiskers, LOVE IT! HEY my nickname is BOO! Does she have a little bit of bitchy side? Main coon cats have all that majesties look! Robert lives with a bunch of Princes and Princesses, and the king lives there as well… and who I am talking about???



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