MEET ‘Mr.B’s’ Cat Finds Love After 10 Years Living as Feral, He Can’t Stop Cuddling

The last shots of Mr.B melting into a blanket while being stroked by his mom, is a whole different cat. Amazing transformation all with patience, acceptance and love. Truly uplifting. So happy for Mr. B. He finally, after years of a tough life, gets to experience the best in life. Lovely cat. I have always had a thing for these old, battle-scarred street veterans. They really deserve a comfortable “retirement”, and if you can get them to trust you, they are very sweet and loving.

Awww! Gorgeous!!! Thank you Lindsay and Sandra and Jenna. People are hesitant to adopt older animals however remember —-you can give them a wonderful last few years that they deserve and reward you with their love. People that stop what they’re doing to help an animal are angels without wings. I love to hear that people are finally realizing that animals are just as good as us. He’s a monster. Lindsay is awesome for giving him a deluxe retirement opportunity. And bless Sandro and Jenna for providing the forever home and giving him the love he deserves.


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