Meet Meatball The Massive Moggy: 2.5 Stone Cat On Road To Recovery (VIDEO)

Aww!! He’s so cute but those owners of his were way too irresponsible! It’s criminal. Hope you get in shape, Meatball, and you find a furever home. Awww…but he’s still so fluffy and cute. I hope he’s recovering and gets lots and lots of cuddling. I wish Meatball all the best for a healthy recovery and getting adopted into a loving home that won’t over feed him.

In the case with Meow (Super obese kitty who died last year) his owner was ana old lady who I think fed him people food and didn’t know what she was doing. Cats never will be like this unless the owner could not control her from beginning. It is like a child if he/she getting Wight you should look at the kind of food they are eating and help them to do more exercise.


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