Meet Marli The swimming ocean-loving Boat riding cat that thinks he’s a dog

Marlin is no ordinary cat. He is part of a large adventurous family and spends most of his time having fun and adventures with his dog siblings.

So much so, that Marlin believes he’s a dog!


From the moment he joined this adventurous family, Marlin wanted to do everything that the dogs did.

He has watched the dogs ever since he arrived as a kitten.

He would drink water from the dogs bowl to jumping in the truck to go to the beach, swimming in the ocean and even jumping on the boat to go fishing with his humans.

He lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his human parents, Caroline Jarvis, and Mack Hopkins (who are both soon to be married.)


His four dog siblings are Buxton, Hattie, Shady and Buoy and basically they’ve taught him everything he knows. Which is why he thinks he’s a dog!

So hanging out with the dogs is second nature for Marlin, he follows them everywhere they go and acts just like their little brother. At times, he can be as annoying as a little brother can be!



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