Meet Majestic Max Canada Lynx – I’m a Big Baby (VIDEO)

A lynx is a wild animal and does not belong in your home. It should be in the woods, or a sanctuary with other animals just like him. Love it need a one for security to warn people to back off love the purr. He’s certainly living a better life than gtownsquare’s lynx, he’s so lucky to be living with you.

Max you will always be my favorite amazingly beautiful cat. I thought that looked like a winter coat. He’s a very handsome guy, and I’m glad he’s such a good ambassador for Canadian Lynx. Fingers crossed they can eventually come off the threatened list. Keep being fabulous, Max. So special and beautiful😍. I could sit and watch and listen to him purr all day. Thank you for the video and bigger thanks for your care and love of this wonderful fellow Max.


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