Man builds a customized kayak to travel on the water with his two beloved dogs

Mostly, those who adopt animals also loves their pets and take care of them. But there are also some type of people who give special attention to their pets.

David Bahnson is a retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont that likes traveling with his two golden retrievers. He always goes out with them by car and even by his own airplane.

Noticing that his dog Susie loves water, the man built a kayak designed for the dog. At first it was made for two people but soon David adapted one of the seats for Susie.

It seemed that Susie loved the water journey! Years passed, and David adapted another golden retriever – Ginger. Now he rebuilt the kayak for three. Ginger also was fond of adventurous travels with David!


Unfortanetely, both Susie and Ginger passed away. David was glad to realize that he had a happy friendship with the dogs.

Now the man and his wife adopted other pups and take them to water travels using the ”happy kayak.”


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