Man adopts 16-year-old dog on hospice and makes sure his last days are his best

Dogs don’t live nearly as long as we do. It may be part of our life that we spend with them, but they’re spending their entire life with us. So when a dog is in your care, make sure you give them the best life you can. They deserve it.

Our canine best friends live 15 years at the most.

Some truly lucky ones can live a bit longer, but that’s the typical lifespan of a dog. That’s when their joints start aching and their fur gets greyer.

Zach Skow crossed paths with an elderly dog in Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi, California.

There, an elderly dog by the name of Henry was residing. He was 16-years-old and it was plain to see. Henry had coarse, grey parts in his fur and wasn’t as lithe or energetic as the other dogs.

And 16 years is well on the mark for a dog’s life expectancy. Henry might not exactly have many more years.

Zach couldn’t bear the idea of this dog spending his last few years alone. So he offered to be the foster dad for Henry in March of 2021. His goal was to make sure this old dog isn’t just taught new tricks. He wants Henry to meet new people and make new memories too.

Given his age, Henry had some trouble walking for a while. Age has a habit of doing that to you.

Though surprisingly, Henry shook it off somehow. It didn’t take long before he was pacing and sprinting in Zach’s yard like a puppy. Zach himself could hardly believe it

The dog also had cancer when he was at the shelter. It sounds grim, but a surgery fixed that all up for Henry. This dog truly wants to keep on living.

Zach didn’t expect Henry to be around this long. He’d guessed that, given Henry’s age, the dog had just a few months or so left.

But Henry defied those odds, much to Zach’s amazement. He seemed to forget his age day by day.



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As pleasant as a surprise it was, Zach couldn’t really keep Henry much longer. He wasn’t exactly signing up for a lifetime commitment since Henry was already well past that.

Zach really had to find Henry a forever home. His goal, after all, was to give him the best years possible.



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With that energy and appeal, it wasn’t hard for Henry to find a permanent home despite his age. His mom takes care of him now and shares everything they do on Instagram.



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At way past his senior years, Henry still gets to go for sunny walks. He sees the great outdoors, has a loving family, and also lots of followers. Not many old dogs can say that.

Henry went from an inactive, homeless senior dog to a beloved family pet.



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All thanks to Zach, who looked at Henry in that shelter and knew he deserved the best.

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