Listless and lethargic, sge found a young kitten lying on the side of the road!

Driving down a road in Corpus Christi, Texas, a woman spotted something strange on the side of the road? What appeared to be a ball of fur turned out to be a tiny kitten!

Barely moving the kitten seemed to be on the brink of passing over. Knowing there was little time the woman rushed the listless bundle to the nearest vet.

Needing emergency care the kitten was brought back from the precipice with lots of intravenous fluid. Soon perking up, apart from her eyes, they noticed something else strange about her? She seemed to have a neurological disorder.

–Very wobbly on his feet, when she picked him up he didn’t let go until he fell asleep.

–When she shares hilarious shots of her cat at the vets the web soon responds.

They contacted Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, a cat rescue team in Corpus Christi, who took in the little feline as soon as they had space for a medical foster opening.

They soon discovered that as well as being unsteady on her feet, Nova as she was named, also had hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain!”


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