I cried watching this! A Tiny Baby Elephants love to Cuddle (VIDEO)

Aww, I cried watching this. It makes me happy seeing animals happy with humans. nothing gives me greater inspiration when we treat animals with kindness and we get the same in return. This planet we inherited and regarded as home is to live with the beauty we all share. Animals have the same right , please see how kind and loving they are. Love how you can tell exactly how they’re feeling just from their faces. That’s pretty obviously a smile.

Elephants are amazing animals. Incredibly intelligent. But baby elephants are on a whole other level. They’re the sweetest, cutest, funniest baby animals ever. I absolutely adore baby ellies. It’s hard to imagine this little blob of utter joy and innocence evolve into one of the most majestic and fearsome creatures. That elephant is absolutely adorable. You can tell he/she was having a blast playing with that man. Elephants are so smart and they are one of my all-time favorite animals.


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