Grandpa is reunited with his tiny chihuahua who immediately ran for his life

Earlier this month Rudy Armstrong was on his boat when his foot felt numb.

He sat up and when he woke up he couldn’t move his arm, that’s when Bubu, his beloved and faithful pet ran to check on him.

Bubu, a little chihuahua, knew immediately that something was seriously wrong. Unable to reach his phone, Rudy looked Bubu in the eye and told him that he needed help.

“ I need help. Go find Kim,” Rudy told Bubu,

This pup knew exactly what to do. After running off the ship he went to the marina, where he found Kim, captain of the dock.

“He walked over to her and instead of giving her the usual greeting like barking, jumping and kissing her, he stopped in front of her and lay on his side ,” said Brandy Popp, public relations manager for CarolinaEast Health System.

Kim didn’t hesitate for a moment to follow Bubu back to the boat. Upon arrival he discovered that Rudy had suffered a stroke, he immediately called 911 and the paramedics took them to the hospital while Kim took care of Bubu

Thanks to the quick reaction of this puppy, his father managed to survive. After a couple of weeks in the hospital, Rudy missed his little furry friend more than anything.

Brandy visited Rudy in the hospital and after listening to him for over an hour and knowing that he had no close friends or family, she arranged a meeting with Bubu.

“I went to Rudy’s room to hear the details of how Bubu had helped save his life. I had the pleasure of hearing about the emotional stories of him and the special bond with Bubu,” said Brandy.

On the day of the meeting, Rudy was moved to the garden to receive them, barely able to control his excitement.

“Before his arrival, Rudy was practically rocking in his wheelchair like a kid on Christmas morning,” Brandy said.

Once Kim arrived with Bubu, the dog seemed confused to be in such unfamiliar surroundings, but was quick to recognize his beloved companion.

Rudy pulled his mask down and Bubu instantly recognized him and jumped on his legs and started kissing him on the face non-stop!” Brandy said.

The meeting of this father with his puppy was a beautiful moment and everyone who was present could not contain the emotion and tears

Rudy has since been medically cleared and is back on his ship with his beloved pet.

The bond we have with our pets and the ability of dogs to love and protect their loved ones are precious too. Share this emotional story.


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