Friesian Stallion Prances Around In The Snow After Owner Sets Him Free

Horses are much adapted for the cold weather than we believe. Every horse owner is concerned about their horses’ condition and tends to keep them inside, but the truth is that there is no need to worry because they grow a perfect winter coat that protects them from the cold and keeps them warm.

Studies show that horses are comfortable in cold temperatures, as long as they are healthy, eat the right amount of food and develop a proper winter hair coat. On the contrary from what we believed, when it gets cold they are far more energetic than normal and while they are outside, they just love to play.

Horse owners have shared different videos of horses going out in the snow, and needless to say, their reactions have been fantastic! Some of them don’t seem to enjoy the snow and as soon as their feet touch the snow, they immediately start running to go back at their stable.

But there are other horses, like the one shown in the video below, who doesn’t mind staying in the cold and is very excited to gallop on the snow. We must say that he looks absolutely stunning! We can’t help but adore him and how he way takes in the beautiful day, kicking up his heels in joy.

He keeps prancing around despite having such a massive physique.  Don’t miss watching the beautiful Friesian horse frolicking in the snow. Have a look at the following video, let us know your opinion, and do not forget to share it on social media with your friends and family!


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