Faithful Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave Human Mom’s Side After She Passes Out

This is the touching moment a loyal golden retriever refuses to leave her human mom after she passed out in the street.

Emergency services were called after the woman fainted while out walking her pup.

Touched by the pup’s loyalty and resistance, the paramedics made a special exception and allowed the golden retriever to ride in the ambulance with its momma.

When the woman passed out, the pup, clearly distressed that its human wasn’t moving began running in circles, waiting for help to arrive.

The video shows the woman lying motionless on the floor with her faithful pup staying right by her side during every moment of the incident.

The pup was also seen desperately clinging onto the stretcher that carried its human mom to the ambulance.

The pair were both transported to the local hospital while the pup was acting like a guardian angel and spent every second watching over its human

Here’s the full video of the incident:

Once the pair reached the hospital, the doctors even allowed the loyal pup to sit and wait right outside the treatment room

Once the woman regained consciousness, the first thing she said was the name of her beloved pup.

That’s when they let the golden see its human again, you could see how delighted it was that the lady had recovered.

Zhang Jihong, the head nurse at the hospital said “When we saw the patient hugging her dog, we knew we did the right thing by allowing it to tag along,”

The woman was fine, and the cause of the fainting was due to her having too much to drink the night before.

At first, we were afraid to approach the woman directly since the dog is a rather large one,” said Yu Jingjing, another nurse at the hospital.

“However, while the dog was very protective of its owner, it did not show any signs of aggression towards us.”

“When we approached the woman lying on the ground, the dog appeared to be happy that we were there to help its owner.”

Yu stated that pets are never usually allowed in the ambulance, but they made an exception this time due to the pup’s extreme loyalty.


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