Every Day Bonded Cats Wait Outside The Shelter In Hopes Of Being Adopted Together

They sleep together, eat together, play together, and are currently rearing their eight kittens together. Xeno and Ripley do everything together.

Sarah MacLeod, a worker at Exploits Valley SPCA, told The Dodo that the animals were “inseparable sisters” who even walked around with their tails intertwined.

The mothers are aware of how difficult it is to raise a family this size.

They needed a few additional weeks to let their infants grow, so MacLeod explained, “We’ve kept them in a room to ourselves and have been continually fascinated by them.” “They entirely share the kittens; at any given time, all eight may be feeding from either mom.”



The two litters are so bonded that there’s no way to tell which kitten belongs to which mom, and that’s just the way Xeno and Ripley like it.

When the mama cats aren’t busy caring for their rambunctious kittens, they can be found standing side by side, looking out the window of their room, hoping a potential adopter walks by.

They like peering through the glass door into the hallway, according to MacLeod. “They enjoy attention and people!”

Even while several of the kittens have families eager to adopt them, neither mom has tragically received a single application.

The shelter wants to place Xeno and Ripley with a caring family that will welcome both mothers into their hearts and homes.

Everyone in the shelter can see that these cats have a lifelong bond and are eager to shower their future home with affection and hugs.


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