Dog bows her head as she waits for her grandfather with cancer, thinking he will be back soon

Currently, non-human animals participate extensively in the daily dynamics of families. Those with whom we have a greater degree of integration and bonding are the so-called companion animals, mainly dogs and cats.

Leia is a German shepherd dog who has developed a very close and special relationship with the father of her caretaker , Katie Snyder, who had to leave her for a short time in the care of her parents, without suspecting how close the couple would become. beautiful hairy

Leia found a very caring grandfather to share her love with.

“Leia is not your typical cuddly dog. She is very independent and laid back. Leia loves all her humans in her own way. She’s either lying next to you during movie night or sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for you to finish,” Snyder said.

However, Snyder was able to realize how much the canine loved her father , once he had to be taken to a hospital in an emergency after suffering health complications, with secondary effects of cancer and in full celebration of the 40th anniversary of Your marriage. Not seeing him return, the dog knew something was wrong .

But additionally, and as a result of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus outbreak, his wife also had to stay at home without knowing about her husband. But she wasn’t the only one worried. No matter how long it might take, Ella leia stood in front of her front door waiting for him until she returned .

The gestures of sadness seemed to indicate that the little animal knew very well what was happening , that’s why it was so down. Observing her in such a desolate state, Katie’s mother took a picture of her and immediately sent it to her daughter De Ella.

“When he sent me that photo I burst into tears. She absolutely killed me. I could feel how much she loved her and missed Leia my dad. When it comes to loyalty, she is the true definition of a dog. He is her human now. My mom has gotten used to another woman kissing him on the cheek,” Snyder commented, understanding how affectionate she can be for her little dog.

Of course, when Katie’s father was finally released from the hospital and returned home, Leia’s eyes lit up with happiness that they were finally back together again as she had longed for.

The interaction between these two friends, grandfather and grandson or whatever we want to call them is one more example that our pets know us, love us, yearn for us and care about us. How not to reciprocate so much love? We can only thank the invaluable social contribution that these beautiful and noble beings represent for our lives.

We are going to thank those who save the lives of dogs, cats and other animals, because they may be saving the life of that child, adult or elderly person who eventually adopts them and makes these little animals the center of their own lives. Share this wonderful reunion.


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