Company Adopts 2 Office Kittens Named Debit And Credit, To Improve Employee Morale

f you are to work in an office, some basic skills needed should include the ability to organize office supplies, answer phones, and use a computer – Debit and Credit, two office kittens have all of those skills…almost. “Hired” by the finance/IT department of a transportation company in Ohio, the rescue kittens were employed not for their natural ability to play with boxes but to boost employee morale.

The adorable pair are actually brother and sister and have managed not only to spread joy to their office but the entire internet. Introduced on Reddit by one of their fellow employees, these adorable kitties were caught on camera hiding under and wrestling with an empty box lid. Understandably people wanted to see more of their hijinx. Debit and Credit now have their own Instagram account with 52k followers.

Meet Debit and Credit, the adorable ‘office kittens’ taking over the internet with their hijinx

The employee who posted the video on Reddit said the kittens stay at the office during the evening but are visited on the weekends “for snuggling and playing.”

Watch their viral box video here


Animals in the office have become an increasingly popular trend over the past few years. According behavioral psychologist Lotte Spijkerman, dogs and cats can be psychologically beneficial to people. “They reduce stress and increase productivity, mainly because they interact with you of their own accord and, when they pop over to your work station, it’s a good reminder that you might need to take a break,” explained the psychologist.

While having pets can be fun there are some logistics to be such as how to handle individuals with allergies (about 30% of the American population). In the case of this company, the employee on Reddit said, “My building is small—there are only 6 of us. One of them is allergic, but she doesn’t care. The others stay in another building.”


People just can’t get enough of Debit and Credit and are curious how anyone gets any work done:



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