Cat found ‘wedged’ in Oldham mill wall had been stuck ‘for days’

A SEARCH for the owner of a cat that was found ‘wedged’ into a wall at an Oldham mill has launched.
A workman came across the trapped feline while knocking down a wall at the mill.On finding the stuck animal he went to the nearby Pennine Pen Animal Rescue shelter on Honeywell Lane, Oldham for help

A post published on the centre’s Facebook page yesterday reads: “Today a workman came and asked for our help, he was working on the mills next to our rescue and knocking a wall down when he found this poor cat who had tried to fit through a small gap and was well and truly wedged in.

“We rushed the cat to the vets as he/she had obviously been there a while and hurt their claws on their back feet trying to scramble up the wall.

“We haven’t yet been able to identify if it is a male or female as understandably, he/she is terrified, in shock and very dehydrated so on a drip.

“We do know the cat hasn’t got a microchip and must have been stuck a few days, he/she is very lucky to of been found alive.

“So, if anyone is missing a tabby and white cat from the Hathershaw/Fittonhill area in Oldham and you think this little one could belong to you please message us. We will need proof of ownership to claim.”

Pennine Pen, which was founded by Michael Waugh in 2001, provides sanctuary to unwanted or abandoned animals while trying to find them a forever home.

The charity’s animal centre is normally home to around eight dogs and 30 cats at a time.

All animals at the centre are microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, and neutered to prevent unwanted litters and the spread of disease.


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