Cat Comes to University Everyday So She Can Rescue Students with Cuddles

This ginger feline knows almost every student on the campus of the University of Augsburg in Bavaria, southern Germany.
Ever since she started offering students a cuddle, she has been coming back and providing more cuddles and love every single day. Meet the Campus Cat!
“Caring about the students is the main goal of the Campus cat besides sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,”Andreas, Campus Cat Secretary, explained. “Also the cat walks all around the campus to really see all students from every faculty. A lot of students say Campus Cat helps to relax or chill before tests, papers, exams.”

This ginger cat first came onto campus when she was about a year old. Now many years after and she’s still seen on campus almost every day.
Students adore her and absolutely love it when the ginger cat hops onto their lap or gives them some cuddly snuggles. She helps the students relieve stress during exam times and hangs out with them if they need somebody to talk to.

This laid back, mellow cat loves to lay around in the sun and mind her own business. You would never guess her favorite place to frequent is actually the library. Students come to her when they need a break from their studies or look for some moral support.
“It became almost a routine and took away the stress from everyone a bit,” a student said.

The Campus Cat has a home close by and is well loved and cared for and the owner has been known by the school for many years.
She just loves to be around students and it makes her very happy to nap in their lap and cuddle with them. Nothing can keep her away from being with the students.

Although her real name has been a mystery,some people have lovingly named her “Sammy.”

Sammy offering a student some ‘help’ with her homework.

Keeping a student’s coat warm while she’s away.

the cat has become a permanent fixture at the University.

Students consider her the campus Super-cat as she comes to their rescue every single day!


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