Blind and deaf dog relies on her eye-seeing puppy brother to live a full life

There is a sad story hidden under the joy of these two amazing pups. Star and Denver are siblings that now live in a shelter. But they have been facing many difficulties since their birth.

Star is a blind and deaf dog. Her brother in his turn is the most caring and loving dog ever. He never leaves Star and always guides her.

Besides this problem, the story of the dogs’ family is sad in itself. It turns out that these siblings are 2 of the 8 litter. They were thrown away with their mom along the roadside in Lousiana.

Soon they were rescued but no animal center could welcome them. They were taken 2,000 miles away. In San Diego finally, 6 of the 8 were adopted

Denver and Star continue living in the shelter because no one is ready to adopt Star. Denver is her sister’s guide dog. They are bonded. It’s impossible to adopt them separately. So it gets harder to give the dogs for adoption together.

However, pups are very joyous and happy. They always play with each other. Denver checks all the new places for his sister and then lets her in. He takes her outside and helps her to eat.

We hope that there will be kind people who will have free space in their houses for these two miraculous dogs!



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