Adorable Cat Welcomes Soldier Home

Cats, unlike dogs, are recognized for their independence and indifference; it’s uncommon to see a cat welcome you at the door like a dog. However, certain cats, such as Finn in the video below, truly know how to love.I’m sure that you have seen videos of family members welcoming home soldiers and cried. Finn’s beloved dad also is a soldier, he has been away in the military for months and now he is returning home to meet his family.

In the video, you can see Finn, a grey-colored ragdoll cat is really excited for his dad Nick to return home. After a couple more seconds of suspense, the door is opened and Nick appears.

Finn paces by the door, wags his tail and meows. He can not contain his excitement, meowing vociferously and immediately jumping into his Dad’s arms for a hug and a quick kiss.

This video demonstrates how much cats love their humans. Nick, welcome back. You’ve returned to a thankful country, and the kitties are happy to see you!
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Take a look at the video below!


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