Abandoned In A Cat Carrier At The Bottom Of A Ditch, With No Access To Food Or Water, In Freezing Conditions There Was No Way He Would He Could Survive The Night!

Out walking her dogs one day she spots something strange lying in the bottom of a nearby ditch!
Something about the object just didn’t seem right so she decides to take a closer look, horrified to find a ginger cat trapped inside a cat carrier!

Thankfully, her timing was spot on as there was a snow storm on the way, she had arrived just in time.

There was no way this trapped cat could have survived the night!

This poor cat would have been trapped, abandoned with no food or water.

There was not even a blanket to keep him warm in the freezing conditions that were on the way.

The kind-hearted woman could not believe that anyone could be so heartless toward their own pet, so she brought the cat to the nearest animal shelter, Wolcott Dog Pound.

The pound was happy to take the poor boy in and quickly shared his story on social media hoping someone would come forward with more information, stating: “This is not how you ‘rehome’ any animal.” Abandoning a pet to fend for itself is cruel and inhumane, it’s even worse when it can’t fend for itself!

Desmond’s Army (a group that raises awareness regarding animal abuse laws) is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible, let’s hope that somebody comes forward and justice will be served.

At least this kitty is now in good hands, and once put up for adoption will lead a happy life in his forever home.\

UPDATE: After dealing with the formalities they have now found this beautiful kitty a new home. Let us hope that the people responsible are soon brought to justice.

H/T welovecatsandkittens.com/nbconneticut.com.

At Maximum Capacity, There Seemed To Be No Choice, So He Found Himself On The Waiting List To Be Put Down!

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