A little fawn was graciously and heroically saved from the lake by Amor the dog.

Manuel’s Virginia-based dog, Amor, was missing. Every area that could be searched was being done for him. In the middle of a lake, he just has been seen.  No one was aware of how the little fawn entered the water.

Amor, the courageous dog, was known to his owner to be kind and caring; he loved everyone, even animals, and is now also a hero. Amor was guiding the deer to the water’s edge.

Manuel climbed to the brink of the cliff to help the animals. The fawn was removed from the river and placed on the grass by the man. The mother of the fawn soon showed up. Manuel abandoned the mother and kid so that he could take his dog home.

Manuel observed that the mother deer and her baby had bid them farewell and fled while he was still standing some distance away from them. The dog moved forward and the fawn quickly brushed noses.

This was a touching moment. In the end, however, the fawn wanted to see the idol again. Manuel came back with his puppy. Later on, the mother and her baby went.



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