A kind couple adopts this unique stray cat and totally changes her life..

A couple rescued a beautiful-eyed cat who was frequently seen outside their home, but they had to first devise a plan to gain her trust. Betty H. and her husband have seen a cat walking about their yard aimlessly.

They wanted to help the small kitten since she had strange eyes, was shy, was usually dirty, and seemed hungry.

Because the young girl was wary, the couple had to approach her gently until she realized everything was fine.

“We started giving her food and drink to help her, and she began to accept our help”, Betty said.

Since then, Betty had made it a point to feed her three times a day, but each time with the purpose of gaining her trust, which was difficult. The pair felt compelled to go through the process to save the cat they named ‘Fluffy’ after several days went by with no one showing up to claim her.

“At first, I remained really quiet, but as Fluffy gained accustomed to my presence, I began conversing with her while she ate and drank. At first, I tried to softly caress her. She had clearly never belonged to anyone.”

Fluffy finally got her courage together and followed the couple home. They were ecstatic since they had achieved their aim, and the adorable cat would now join the family.

Betty explained: “I gave her her first bath, something she had probably never had before. Her snout was stained black, and she had an orange residue on her legs that was impossible to remove. She had enormous ugly knots in her fur and was losing her hair.”

Fluffy purred as she was wrapped in a beautiful towel and curled up in her adoptive father’s arms after her bath.

“I’ve never heard a cat purr quite like this one.” After taking her to the vet, we discovered she had parasites, a gastrointestinal condition, and ear mites.”

In the days that followed, she was treated for health difficulties and had her hair cut to remove all the knots.


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