5 Biggest Cat Species – The Dominating Animals In The Jungle

Our lazy and friendly pet cats at home have the coolest relatives in the wildlife. Felidae is the biggest family of mammals in the world with over 1000 small and big cats. Having lived on this planet for millions of years, they have become the deadliest predators among the animals in the jungle.

Among these species, which one is the largest? Let’s find out in this article.5 Biggest Cat Species: The Dominating Animals In The Jungle 2

These black and orange striped big cats live almost in South and Southeast Asia. They are the most gigantic cats in nature. The biggest male tiger recorded weighs over 387 kilos and lengths over 4 meters. They are the apex predators in their areas and have absolutely zero enemies. Thanks to their extreme strength, they may easily hunt down any smaller animals. Otherwise, tigers have to fight other tigers for lands they dominate. They also live isolatedly from each other.

5 Biggest Cat Species: The Dominating Animals In The Jungle 2

When compared in size, a lion might be a little smaller than a tiger. Lions are the symbolic animals of Africa, the Middle East, and India. In their natural habitat, they always live as a group called pride. It strengthens their ability to hunt and their social status. There is a leader which is the strongest male one with other males, females, and cubs.

5 Biggest Cat Species: The Dominating Animals In The Jungle 3

The jaguar came third in the fiercest animals of the jungle. Its weight might range from 90  to 100 kilos and its length is somewhat over 2.5 meters. They are native to North, Central, and South America and are the only big cat species living on the American continent.

The cougar belongs to the Felidae subfamily, unlike the other 4 which are of the Pantherine. A cougar does not roar, it just purrs. It is also a close relative to domesticated cats. They are also spotted only in the Americas and hunt down other small animals in the jungle from Canada to Argentina.

This species shares many similarities with the jaguar. Anyways there are several differences between the two animals. Leopards are smaller, less muscular, and therefore faster. They live mainly in Asia and Africa with a small population in Europe, specifically Russia.



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