10 Unique Horses That Might Be The Next Fairytale Characters

All around the world, there are hundreds of horse breeds and all of them are unique, however, these horses below seem unreal, you can tell that they come straight from fairytales. Let’s get to see them one by one.

1) Appaloosa is an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. There is a wide range of body types within the breed, however, the unique coat pattern is present in all of them.


2) Friesian Horse. The Dutch breed, also known as the ‘black beauties’ are widely used in a lot of dressage performances as it is one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. A few years ago, the declared most beautiful horse in the world was a Friesian as well.


3) Akhal-Teke. Akhal Tekes are known as the gold horses due to their shiny coat. Their origin is Turkmenistan and the breed is reputable for speed and endurance, intelligence, and a distinctive metallic sheen.


4) Falabella is one of the smallest horse breeds in the world. Parents who are horse lovers usually choose these horses as the perfect gift for their children, as they are really child friendly.


5) Pinto Horse has a coat color that consists of large patches of white and any other color. You have probably seen the famous photo on the internet when you have to find how many horses were in there. Well, let me tell you that they are all Pintos


6) The Fjord Horse or Norwegian Fjord Horse is a relatively small but very strong horse breed from the mountainous regions of western Norway. It is an agile breed of light draught. The most distinctive thing about them is definitely their unique hair.


7) The Irish Cob, mostly known as the Gypsy Cob is a small, solidly-built horse of cob conformation and is often, but not always, piebald or skewbald.


8) The Lipizzan is a breed of horse originating in Lipica in Slovenia. In Lipica, there is also the oldest operating farm in the world that was established in 1580.


9) The Andalusian horse comes from the Andalusia region in Spain, also one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. They were also exported in the US after the discovery of America.


10) Clydesdales are one of the most popular horse breeds. I bet you have all seen the famous Superbowl commercials. Definitely one of the most beautiful ones.


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